Yep, I’m in Print!

In August, out of the blue, I was invited by writer Julia Barnicle at Inviting Ease and Flow into Everyday Life to contribute to an ebook compilation she was putting together about some of the lessons writers have learned this year while living full lives during the COVID lockdown.  I was super excited and said “yes” to her invitation. Per Julia’s suggestion, I consolidated two of my blog posts from the early summer Benchmarking with COVID and A Big Pause Button and sent her the new piece–just as this crazy new school year was starting in Chicago. In October, I received word from Julia that she had finished her collection and had published Lessons From Lockdown as an Ebook, with plans to publish a printed copy as well, by the end of the year.

Here is the link to the Ebook (click on Find Out More below) and details:

Lessons from Lockdown ebook

Lessons from Lockdown is a compilation of 22 essays – contributed by artists, writers, coaches, and creatives from various backgrounds around the world – about finding Ease in uncertain times, and discovering positive life lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Ali Roe | Alison Coates | Carolyn Thomas | Catherine Saunders | Dakota Duncan | Danielle Clarke | Eilidh Horder | Gill Thakray | Helen Rebello | Ilene Kaminsky | JoAnn Baldwin-Glenn | Julia Barnickle | Julia Weisenberger | Kassi Martin | Louise Gallagher | Melina Abbott | Nancy Seibel | Naomi Brook | Patty Bechtold | Philippa Ramsden | Rose Roberts | Shalagh Hogan

All profits from the sale of the ebook will be donated to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, to help revolutionise cancer treatment and continue to pioneer new ways to save or improve the lives of patients with cancer, both at The Royal Marsden in the UK, and across the world.

Early last week–Tuesday, December 1st to be exact–I received word from Julia, that despite some increasing medical struggles she had experienced, she had published Lessons from Lockdown: Finding Ease in Uncertain Times During the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020! My words were officially in print!

Of course I had to get a copy and so I ordered one. It arrived today.

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So exciting to be included with these 21 other wonderful writers! What an honor!


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