Resetting My Pace

This has definitely been the year of constant adjustments–to our expectations, relationships, employment situations, and understanding of time. Thanks to COVID, this Thanksgiving in the United States was markedly different than those in the past, that is for sure. I am grateful that I had a few extra days to decompress, eat yummy food, rest, work on some non-school projects, and reboot. However, I am stressing a bit this Sunday evening because this quick break wasn’t quite enough time!

One of the things I realized this weekend is that I need to get a move on if I am going to finish my 52 blog posts in 52 weeks!!! If you notice an uptick in the number of posts this next month or so, you will know why!

In honor of my reset, here is a repost of my first blog post I published at Searching for EMWA, A Year Ago. Before BC and a really cool picture that was included in that post, of Chicago’s Bean, I mean, Cloud Gate.


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