And My First Partner in Mischief is Now 51!!

Happy, Happy 51st Birthday, Barb!!!!

Here’s a repost of last year’s special post in honor of your special day!!!!

The pictures are too much fun!!

Well, well, well. Lookey here. My little sister is turning 50 on this extra special day: 9-19-19!!!

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My first partner in crime. My first best friend. My first best buddy. The one who has always had my back, regardless–even if she was also stealing space from my side of the backseat on family car trips to visit our grandparents in Kentucky!

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So many great adventures! And so many great memories! I am so lucky to have you in my life, Barb!!!!!!

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Looking forward to more adventures to come!

Love you bunches, Barbels!!!

2 thoughts on “And My First Partner in Mischief is Now 51!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Barb!!!!!!!! At least we got to celebrate our 50th sans quarantine!!!!

    Today (9/20) is my son Andrew’s birthday! He is turning 13!!!! And sleeping in like a teenager!

    Hope all of you are well!

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