Blooming in the Midst of Adversity

Some of you may remember my first post of 2020 about Vandas & Vacuums & Welcoming in a New Year where I was marveling that my Vanda orchid had finally bloomed after nearly two years. A plant that can blossom twice a year, I had actually given up on mine ever flowering and so was super excited when its buds popped out in early December. I was grateful that it had finally bloomed, but did not expect another round of flowers for awhile. However, lo and behold, my Vanda started blooming again 6 months later, in late May!

According to the Urban Dictionary, a Vanda is a flower that blossoms in the midst of adversity. Considering the challenges so far in 2020 for all of us, I’d like to share these flowers, hoping that in the midst of all of this craziness, you are finding that your life still blooms.



4 thoughts on “Blooming in the Midst of Adversity

  1. Oh, that Vanda orchid is just gorgeous!!! I am not blooming here….more like quarantining again. Just drove back from Myrtle Beach yesterday with the kids after attending my older brother’s second/third wedding that had been rescheduled 4 times. Beach was mobbed, restaurants were mobbed. No face masks, so we went to beach at sunrise or sunset, restaurant and grocery stores in masks when everyone was getting red at beach. Still going to quarantine and work on garden!

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