Packing My Traveling Bag

My great-great grandfather, Joseph Cooper, was a craftsman who made traveling cases and bags. I am able to locate him on the British Census records each decade from 1861–when he was an apprentice to a jewelry box maker–to 1911, when he is a father, living with his second wife, Ann, my great-great grandmother, and 5 of his children, as well as one granddaughter, because of his unique job title. In 1911, my 20 year old great-grandfather, Joseph Cooper, is also listed in the census as a craftsman, making leather cases.

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My 2nd great-grandfather, Joseph, never left London and most likely never owned any of the cases he made or in the very least traveled with them; however, my great-grandfather, Joseph, did. He immigrated in 1914, right before WWI started and most likely he traveled with a case or bag that he or his father had made. His immigration in 1914 is a whole other story!

I’ve had some wonderful adventures over the years, where I’ve packed my bags and gone. Solo. With Family. With Friends. With Terry. Lately, I’ve started imagining a traveling bag full of memories that I’ve gathered over the years of these adventures I’ve had, people I’ve traveled with or met along the way, and the places I’ve been.

Lucky me, I finally packed my traveling bag this past weekend for a quick visit to Washington D.C. to hang out with two of my forever friends (after going to dinner the night before with another very special friend in Chicago’s Chinatown…but we forgot to take pictures. Next time, Lolie)!

The weather was a little (d)icey, but I traveled without incident.

Carol made her yummy chicken gumbo Sunday night and was our hostest with the mostest, while Grace and I were able to kick back and enjoy ourselves.

This was the first time I’ve been to DC without visiting any historic sites, museums, or landmarks. However, catching up with these two was like spending a weekend at a retreat or spa!! So relaxing and rejuvenating!

Here’s a toast to those special friends in your life and making time for those super important relationships.

Are YOU ready to pack your traveling bags?

6 thoughts on “Packing My Traveling Bag

  1. Y’all look cold in that last picture!! I am so happy that you got to visit Carol and Grace in DC! Um, which of those traveling bags did you take???


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