I is for I bet Your Husband has Interesting Friends…

I married at 36, two months short of 37. Prior to becoming involved with my husband, my romantic relationship history was a little jumbled; however, I definitely looked for EMWA (Expand My World Ability for those of you who have not read my ‘About‘) in the guys I was involved with and sought friendships and relationships that were interesting and engaging.

In the first year or so of being involved with Recovery on Water, I was talking about my husband and his work as a creative director at an advertising firm with one of my fellow rowing teammates at an indoor practice, where there is plenty of opportunity for conversations and getting to know one another. She made the comment that “I bet he has interesting friends,” which really caught me off guard. Since I met my husband I have found him very intriguing and interesting, but I had never thought of having been drawn to him because of his friends–or those friends being particularly interesting.

Interesting friends. Seriously? My friends are the cool ones.

I have plenty of friends who are educators–teaching, coaching, advising, and guiding the next generation, working throughout the US as well as in S. Korea, the Caribbean and the Middle East. I have friends who work for the State Department, living around the world and I am able to share in their adventures virtually. I have friends who are doctors and engineers and lawyers and dentists and business owners who are leading productive, vibrant lives.  I have a friend who is sailing the world with his family and another who has a position as a doctor in a hospital in New Zealand with her husband. I have friends who are writers, bloggers, editors, artists and actors as well as those that work for the government, non-profits, and universities. And I can’t forget my former students who are rocking it out in college and beyond, making me proud every day. I even have a current student who is a bull rider!

And one of those super cool friends is celebrating a milestone birthday today!!

Happy Birthday, Kel!!!!!! Much love!!!


2 thoughts on “I is for I bet Your Husband has Interesting Friends…

  1. Holy Crap!!! I am just catching up on emails now, at almost 2 am after attending the second sweaty day of Sonic Temple festival with my bro. I looked at the title of the blog and thought that you were the one with interesting friends! After reading, I see my silly face at Mardi Gras…the one that I drove the kids to in an ice storm! Interesting? Nope. Dumbass? Yes and feeling my milestone age!! I am so thankful for a friend like you!


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