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I have a much longer tribute to my Grams Cooper in the works, but it is going to take awhile to get just right. Instead, I need to share that my beautiful grandmother passed this week at 96 years of age. The past year had been a tough one after she fell last spring, but the past couple of months were especially difficult. Despite her physical challenges, she was mentally there and able to play a round of cards up to the week before she died. I was able to visit her in Florida in early March which was a blessing, but I left hoping that she would be her Energizer Bunny self and rebound from this set-back like she had in the past. It was not to be.

Love you, Gram and miss you bunches & bunches!!!


5 thoughts on “Grams

    • Thanks, Kel. This sure has been a tough week…Grams, Prince, a woman who is a part of this online BC community has gone into hospice…At least I’ve been on vacation this week (although, seriously, 4 months between Christmas break and Chicago Public Schools’ Spring break was brutal!!!!) and have been loving all of the Prince focused music on Minnesota’s Public Radio–The Current. Terry and I are up in the UP at the Monastery, too, so that helps. xoxo


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