Lovin’ Me Some Winter!

Ok, so in case you have missed a post or two, Terry and I moved back to Chicago last summer after five years of living in New Orleans. While in NOLA, we made it back to the Midwest every summer numerous times, but only made it back for two Thanksgivings and two Christmas vacations. While we did see snow when we were back for Christmas those two years and were able to ski, we missed out on any serious snowstorms like the Chicago 2011 Storm where 100s of cars were stranded on Lake Shore Drive or last year’s Winter of the Polar Vortex. And while we have had our share of cold spells this winter and have had a couple of inches of snow here and there, I was starting to think we weren’t going to have anything to get excited about.

That changed last week!

Going to bed on Saturday, January 30 we had been warned that it was supposed to snow, but after plenty of false alarms, I didn’t expect anything significant. Well, we woke up Sunday, February 1 to this:

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Needless to say, this Michigan Girl, who experienced her share of winter storms sick and stuck indoors, was so excited to be well and able to go out and play! And I did. I took Bleu for his morning walk and let him run at the park.

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We had around 7-8 inches by noon. Terry, Bleu and I walked to the local wing place to pick up some Super Bowl provisions in the afternoon while the snow kept falling.

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And it was still snowing when we went for our evening walk.

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We ended up with 19 inches of snow by the time the storm ended early Monday morning and at one point there were more than three hours of sustained winds, so our winter storm was actually a blizzard. It made it into the record books!

And was Monday morning amazing! Sunny and sparkling!! After coming in from a beautiful walk, I actually stayed outside and shoveled out our truck even though we weren’t going anywhere. I know I have hit middle age when shoveling snow makes me feel like a kid playing in the snow!

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On Tuesday, Bleu and I walked down to Lake Michigan and it was beautiful!

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Lucky me!!!

7 thoughts on “Lovin’ Me Some Winter!

    • Thanks, Marilyn! 🙂 It’s crazy how a month later, I’m still liking the snow, but excited that the weather is finally warming up. The cold was getting really old. It’s so funny how the 40s feels like a heatwave.


  1. Yes, lucky you!!!! Everyone (well, every teacher!) got so excited about the predicted snow fall Super Bowl night….then hardly any snow came…just another Monday at school with crazed kids!!! I love the pics of Bleu in the snow…..it is damn freezing this weekend, so no park for my kids!!!


    • I much, much prefer the snow to the cold. It ended up being the 2nd coldest February on record in Chicago this year. I don’t know if you noticed, but we ended up getting Bleu booties–it was just too cold for his paws! Glad it is finally warming up! Wind chill was below zero on Friday morning and now it’s in the 40s.


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