Fantabulous Fall

While I’ve been quite frustrated with the whole cancer thing since we have been back in Chicago, there have been plenty of positive things going on that have more than balanced out the negativity. One of the things that made my heart sing was being back in the Midwest for the Fall after 5 years. There were these moments where I would be walking Bleu and Zoey and just smile, completely content with life.

We headed Up North to the Cottage to visit Grams the first weekend of Fall.

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Terry and I drove into Detroit the next weekend so I could attend the Detroit Society of Genealogical Research’s Family History Festival at the Detroit Public Library with my parents. We enjoyed yummy German food at the Dakota Inn with the Family and caught the Detroit Tigers cinch their division at Comerica Park with good friends John and Jennifer who hooked us up with Suite tickets to the game.

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We traveled up to Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula Columbus Day weekend to visit Terry’s uncle who is the hegemon (head monk) of the Holy Transfiguration Skete, Society of Saint John, a monastery near Eagle Harbor, Michigan. People who have traveled to the northernmost point of the Upper Peninsula tend to recognize the Jampot and the yummy goodies the Brothers prepare and sell to the public. As family members, we are allowed to stay in one of the cabins on their property and we have the profound privilege of eating dinners with all the Brothers. This trip, we brought a friend and one of Terry’s brothers was also there with his family and so the dinners, while always unique, were quite the events. Very special. The colors were pretty spectacular too!

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Chicago’s colors have also been amazing!

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Another great thing about being back in Chicago and closer again to Family is we are able to make birthday parties…

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…and Grams can travel into Chicago for the weekend with my parents.

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It also makes me happy that Bleu has settled into our new home quite well.

IMG_0363Life is good.

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