Squeezing in a Quick Post

Funny, I was averaging almost a post a week for 2014 at the time of my last post on April 1. I even planned to write a post a day in April with this year’s WEGO 30 Day Health Challenge, going so far as to request this year’s prompts. I mapped out posts in my mind, creating a dialog of what I wanted to say. However, few of those words made it to paper and none of them resulted in a blog post. And they would have been great posts–I know it! 🙂 Instead, my life has revolved primarily around work and caring for Zoey, with little time left over for writing or reading other blogs or interesting articles. Even my Facebook page has been quiet this month.

But here I am today with a quick update that will hopefully nudge me back into writing a little more frequently.

Zoey is still here, but it has been a stressful month of seizures and spells and we are adjusting to her new parameters. February and March seem like a breeze in retrospect, while April has been challenging. However, we had 8 days of no drama during the first 8 days of my spring break, which was wonderful! We even made it to the dog park!!!






The challenges resumed during the last 2 days of break, Easter weekend, however, when Zoey had 4 seizures in 48 hours. Our vet considers these ‘break through’ seizures and increased Zoey’s dosage of Kepra. This has helped stop the seizures, but since it has started to warm up to early summer temperatures in these parts, she is starting to also have spells where she has no energy and her eyes get strange if she doesn’t stay cool or get enough rest. Needless to say, having our air conditioning go out Thursday night and it not being fixed properly until Saturday afternoon did not help the situation.

Besides home being intense, I’m also being asked to do too much at work. On top of teaching 4 high stakes classes (3 preps) whose exams begin next week (EOC–End of Course, AP Exam and IB Assessments) and being a supportive and resourceful department chair of the social studies department, I’ve also been coordinating our International Baccalaureate diploma program, which is a full-time job in itself–especially in the spring when umpteen assessments have to be digitally uploaded or sent via DHL to places I would rather travel to myself. During break, I ended up putting in at least a couple of hours a day worth of coordination. And it would be one thing if I was laying the groundwork for coordinating next year at my school or even making extra money, but my successor was chosen in December and I’m not making an extra cent. The one thing I can say, however, is that all of this extra work responsibility this year has sure expanded my skill set and resume!

All is not glum, however. There has been some bike riding, golfing and good food thrown into the mix as well as a couple of walks down by the River. If anyone was wondering whether the winter snow melt of the North and Midwest has reached the lower Mississippi yet, here is your answer:


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4 thoughts on “Squeezing in a Quick Post

  1. This has to be so hard for all of you, Bleu included. We wish there was something we could say to make it all better. We love you.


  2. LOVE the pics of you and Zoey…..hate standardized testing….did not relax over break since we finally bought a real house and moved! A rehab, a few blocks closer to downtown with a fenced backyard and my own bathroom! Yippee!! We have room for visitors who may be driving to Michigan over the summer…..


    • Congratulations on the new house, Kel!!!!!!! So happy for you all!!!!!!! I’ve got huge news!!!!! We are moving back to Chicago!!!!! Hope to post an update later today with details. Needless to say, I’m very excited and super glad you came to visit last year! 🙂


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