The Complete Workout

Way back in March I started an exercise plan. Post-cancer diagnosis life can be confusing in regards to what is the healthiest game plan. One heart health study says that red wine is good for you and the next day the breast cancer study says even one glass of red wine a day is to be avoided. One doctor tells you soy is good in combating hot flashes while the other reminds you that soy can act as an estrogen (bad). The one thing everyone agrees on is that exercise is a no-brainer.

Just do it.

However, living in New Orleans has been a strain when it comes to exercise. It’s too hot for this Northern Girl to be outside doing vigorous exercise from June 1st to October 1st–and there are even days in October and May that can be too warm. Factor in the crazy hours of charter school teachers and exercise usually takes a back seat.

In March, I set out to fight my lethargy towards exercise. I came up with a plan to spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days being active. In April, I bumped up my goal to 45 minutes of activity for 45 days. Mid-June, I started 60 days of 60 minutes of exercise and then I brought the plan home with 75 days of 75 minutes of activity. I swam, kayaked, played golf, used my mountain bike, rode our stationary bike (a favorite most days when I’m in NOLA), walked the dogs, rollerbladed, and generally lived life actively.  And I succeeded!!!!!!! I wrapped up on September 27th. 6 months of activity and I’m feeling good!

And don’t worry, I didn’t quit. I’ve now moved on to another round of 60 days of 60 minutes a day.


6 thoughts on “The Complete Workout

  1. That’s fantastic! So proud of you! Very inspirational too. I’ve kind of been a slacker lately and your post has inspired me to get back out there! I’ve enjoyed all your posts this month, but this one really hit home. Love the videos your chose too:)


  2. Congrats!!! I really need to figure out what to do when the school year starts…I lost over the summer and gained it back…could be the school lunches??? Or eating off the kids’ plates??


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