Dis and Dat

Ok, after a month of 30 posts, I needed a week off. I’m enjoying this blog–the process, the dialog, the writing and the interaction with others–but pacing myself is important.

First, some pics from prom. This was a very classy prom held at NOLA’s former city hall building, Gallier Hall,  and our students were lookin’ good! I’ve been to at least 6 proms in the past decade and some of the outfits of my former students had me either blushing or rolling my eyes. This year’s theme was the Red Carpet and the attire was star quality.


IMG_8449  IMG_8422  IMG_8410



The weather has been all over the place here, as well as the rest of the country.  Last Monday, a storm blew in and was causing some drama–rain and hail–at the same time the Weather Channel said that everything was clear.


With all of the recent rain, the Bonet Carre Spillway, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, is really lush and green.


Terry and I drove up to Baton Rouge on Saturday to visit friends and watch the Red Wings-Ducks hockey game. During the 2nd and 3rd periods, I snuck out to do some shopping at Kohls–just one of the stores you can’t find in New Orleans (don’t get me started with my missing Trader Joe’s, Crate & Barrel, Ikea, Costco, and REI).

After rain at some point every day Monday thru Friday last week, it also meant that this year’s second weekend of Jazz Fest was very muddy. Granted, this is usually the wettest weekend of the two weekend festival and it’s not a big deal unless you consider that Jazz Fest is held at the Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots–and the stench of the horse track is really strong…

Terry and I biked over on Sunday afternoon in time to see the Black Keys perform. Great music, yummy food and a gorgeous afternoon!




Love shrimp and grits!


Love the colorfulness of some!


One of the day’s parades


Did I mention that I was very happy I wore my rain boots?


Quite the turnout to see the Black Keys.



No wonder I was wiped out when I got home Sunday night! Biking to and from the festival grounds was a workout in that wind. Great time and great workout made it very worth the ride.

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