HAWMC Day 19–Vintage Me

What a week!

Frankly, I need some levity in this contribution to WEGO’s Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge.  Here are a couple of vintage photos of myself taken on Easter Sunday, 1970.

Playing around on Easter Sunday 1970

What an ensemble!

Me styling some fancy Easter slippers.

Styling some fancy Easter slippers.

These photos were taken:

•6 months after my sister was born.

•7 years before I tested into my school’s TAG program.

•8 years before I went downhill skiing for the first time.

•10 years before I was diagnosed with asthma.

•12 years before I got my first set of golf clubs.

•16 years before I went 8 hours away from home to attend Northern Michigan University.

•22 years before I ski bummed a winter in Colorado and joined the Peace Corps.

•29 years before I would drive with my sister from Chicago to Los Angeles in a Ryder truck with all of my possessions, towing my car.

•32 years before I met my husband in Chicago

•39 years before I tore my ACL after catching a patch of ice at Mt. Bohemian (which is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula).

•41.75 years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

•43 years before I would be enjoying a beautiful, sunny day while lounging in our sun room in New Orleans.

5 thoughts on “HAWMC Day 19–Vintage Me

  1. Great picutres….loved the “timeline.” Sunny here…but we went from 83 degrees on Thursday to 50 on Friday! Stupid Ohio.


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