My 2013 Three Words

I feel that the past month has been in overdrive and that I have had no time to write about my experiences and thoughts on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. These next few posts are going to be my attempt at catch up.

With my January 6th birthday, I traditionally set New Years’ goals somewhere between the New Year and Epiphany. There are a number of bloggers that I follow who don’t like New Year’s resolutions, but I do. I know that I won’t follow through on many of my goals, but I like focusing my attention and seeing what I can accomplish. Some years I have also taken the time to do a yearly wrap-up in my journal before moving on to my resolutions. I think starting this blog has been an outlet for reflection .

With last year’s New Years/birthday combo, I was recovering from surgery and the idea of setting resolutions seemed ridiculous. Setting a goal of losing weight? Traveling? Taking classes? Please. I was terrified that I wouldn’t make it to 2013 and unlike recovering from ACL surgery in 2009, I didn’t have road markers that I could focus on attaining on my road to recovery. Having my drain removed ASAP was a short term goal, but not something I had much control over.

Goals, resolutions and aspirations feel right this year, however, and I was starting to freewrite/freethink possibilities. Then Phillipa at The Fiesty Blue Gecko and AnneMarie at Chemobrain mentioned the 3 word mantra idea where you list 3 words that you set out to focus on throughout the year. I love this idea!

So without further ado, here are my three words:


With whatever life may throw at me this next year, I want to be my most agile. Like the Capricorn mountain goat, I want to deftly leap from rock to rock, ledge to ledge. As a skier, I want to ski through problems, calmly handle icy conditions, and feel well enough to play in the moguls. This is going to require that I am at my healthiest. I must build up my physical strength and endurance as well as continue to clean out the closet in regards to my mental issues. I need to do some purging of those things that aren’t essential to my world–the extra pounds; the books that are no longer relevant, useful or valued; the clothes that are just taking up space; and the paperwork that is creating clutter all NEED TO GO!


I want to be open to new opportunities, people and life lessons. I want to be receptive to new perspectives and most importantly to new adventures!


I want to tap into my creative side. From drawing, learning to use my new sewing machine, creating interesting blog posts to making classroom activities/assignments more engaging, I have plenty of room here.  I also want to creatively find new ways to think about my life and new ways to deal when things aren’t going my way. Ultimately, I want to create a healthier, happier life.

8 thoughts on “My 2013 Three Words

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