One Week Post Surgery–January 4, 2012

Written Jan 4, 2012 8:46am

Happy New Year!

So strange to be recuperating over New Year’s weekend. Grateful that in 43 years, this was the first one where I had to do so and that I wasn’t alone. All in all, a lazy weekend with good food and special people to keep me company.

I pushed at the borders of my safe little world on Monday, however. My school wasn’t in session on Monday, but was open for staff to go in and prepare, so I went in for almost 2 hours to get things ready for a sub to cover my classes this week. With teaching at a charter school, my being out for any extended time could become an issue, so I am being as proactive as possible. Terry and I then went to Target (Terry is learning to drive over bumps a little more gently–but it is hard to do in NOLA), and stopped at the mall. After some time at home, we went out to try a new tapas restaurant on St. Charles with my parents. Not too impressed, actually, so I can’t even remember the name, but I did like sitting by their nice warm fireplace since it got chilly Monday night.

No vicadin before bed, but I did take some Tylenol PM and between Monday’s activities and the Tylenol, I felt groggy and out of it for much of the day yesterday–although I did manage to go for a walk with my parents and Zoey along the River near Audubon Park in the afternoon, finish a silly book–and watch some of the Sugar Bowl.

I have been in touch with my surgeon’s office a few times–I have to call in for status checks–but no new results yet from last Wednesday’s surgery. My drain is still necessary and probably won’t be out by the weekend which is annoying, but a sign that I’m moving around and healing. I’ll probably be popping extra strength Tylenol for a while, but the pain remains manageable.

One thing that has surprised me in all of this, is that I am actually glad that I needed ACL surgery in Spring 2009 and that the recovery was difficult. There is something about being on crutches for 5 weeks while living in a 3rd floor walk-up condo and teaching at a school without an elevator that keeps putting this current recovery experience in some perspective.

I hope all is well with everyone! I wish I could easily respond to each message like I can on FaceBook, but I will try to send some individual messages soon. Know that your messages really do mean a lot!!!!!


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