Can not believe surgery was outpatient! December 29, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011 2:35pm

Hi All!

Thanks so much for the great messages!!!
They mean so much to me!

Just a quick update today, before I go out in the backyard to relax on a cozy lawn chair. It’s about 70 degrees here in NOLA today and just beautiful.

Yes, I am home from the hospital–got home at 10 last night actually, so it was truly an outpatient surgery. Dr. Udoo, my surgeon, was pleased with the surgery itself and the fact that the sentinel lymph node did not show any signs of cancer. We won’t have the newest pathology reports back until Tuesday or Wednesday, however. Always something to wait on!

Another thing that went well is that I only had a tiny bit of nausea after surgery–which was taken care of with some crackers. Because I was pretty miserable after ACL surgery 3 years ago, I mentioned this to my aneshesiologist and she prescribed 2 medicines for me to take at the hospital as well as an anti-nausea behind my left ear. It worked! Apparently women experience more nausea after surgery than men do–so ladies, if you are going into surgery see if you can meet the anesthesiologist ahead of time and ask for anti-nausea meds–they work!

Today’s recovery is going well. The vicodin is making me sleepy, but I’ve been up moving around. Terry, my parents and my sister have created a great recovery team and are spoiling me rotten.

Again, thanks for all of the messages! Fantabulous!

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